Today’s Stock Market Activity – 2 Shares to Buy Right Now To Become Rich

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Today’s Stock Market Update

Hey guys, as we all know how great was this weak for Traders. Out of 5 Days, 3 Days made lots of millionaires in India. We crossed 14,000 +.

So, Let’s come to the Topic. The topic of Today is 2 shares to Buy Right Now to Become Rich Faster.

Market Showed Bullish movement this weak. But There are 2 Stocks Which showed us Bearish Situation this week and Common thing about Both the share was…

Both IPO’s got Launched very Recently and No I am Not Talking about Burger King. If you want to become rich faster than avoid this stock for sometime because it is a loss making business for now.

Wait atleast 3-4 Months For Quarter 4 Results. Than our experts would able to suggest about this stock and For now we are not able to some huge movement.

If you are a Intraday trader. You can definitely try luck in Burger King Stock. But If you are holding for Long Term Period than try to avoid it right Now.

But The 2 Stock we are going to see right Now is Ready to Go and show some great result very soon within this Upcoming weak.

Those 2 Stocks are –

  • Mrs. Bector
  • Antony Waste¬†

Today's Stock Market Activity - 2 Shares to Buy Right Now To Become Rich |

Guys these 2 Both are Promising companies. In terms of paper they are quite perfect. But Because of Operators. We have seen huge drop is price since listing day.

Especially Mrs. bector we were expecting to see some gain. But Since its listing day After Huge Buy. We are continuously able to see Price Drop.

Why we are suggesting These 2 Stocks?

According to Stock market results by friday and Continuous tracking we find out that Finally These 2 has got some support.

Mrs. bector is showing a very strong support in the Rs.450 range after huge drop from 600+ to 450. If you are Looking for Long Term Than This is the absolutely best time to invest in this share.

Because now It’s at stable position. Our experts are hoping from this place It will start its Journey to compete with Britannia like Brands.

If you already invested in this company at price range of 600 or 560. I suggest you to Don’t sell your shares. If you are a Long time player don’t loose the hope. Soon it will cross that mark.

Its the time for averaging. Buy More of it shares. Try to average the balance. It will definitely going to help a lot in covering the loss.

For Intraday traders again this is one of the best share to give daily movement of 2-3% in the morning. Lot’s of Buying and selling happening in Morning. Around 9:15 to 9:45 is the Best time to gain more and more profits.

But Yes Follow the Trend.

Now Let’s Talk about Antony Waste. Guys, This share also made some big lower circuit this weak. But the good thing happening with this share is that After seeing lower movement continuously from the day it got listed.

Finally its price showed some strong support and In last 2 days means on Thursday and Friday we are able to see huge improvement. We are able to see an Upword Movement in this stock.

I Think it’s ready for buyer to invest. But Yes Try to Invest For Long time.370-380 is the good range for Buying and averaging (If you already purchased at the higher price).

Although Antony waste is not suggested for Intraday trading.

Best For Long terms.

Note – Investing in stock market is Quite Risky. Consult your financial advisor before Purchasing and selling any stock. We are just sharing our knowledge about this market situation. We are not forcing anyone to invest anywhere.

When to Buy?

Guys, Antony waste you should definitely but it right now. We are seeing some great future. But For Mrs. Bector we recommend to wait for Monday and Tuesday Trades.

See the Trend of Chart. As soon as it starts going Up. You should definitely Invest and Ready to become Rich Faster. Both of them are good company.

Price is Right For Long Terms.

For Intraday Mrs. Bector is the best to do and earn some great profits.


Hey Guys, This is our first stock market update. Hope you liked the content. From now on we post daily Stock market Update.

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