Comedian Shyam Rangeela Facing Action For Making Video on Petrol Price Hike

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Comedian Shyam Rangeela Petrol Pump Video Controversy

Recently Comedian Shyam rangeela uploaded a sarcastic video on Petrol price hike. This Petrol price hike video was shot on a Petrol pump.

The important thing about this video was that in this video we can see Shyam Rangeela doing mimicry of our beloved PM Modi.

When this video got uploaded withing few days it got viral. Now it has over 1 Million views on Shyam Rangeela Youtube channel.

Here is the video –

Petrol Company in Action

After seeing this video getting viral. The petrol company came in action and stopped giving petrol supply to the petrol pump in which this video was shot.

When petrol supply got stopped and owner of petrol pump asked why our petrol supply got stopped. Company said this is because of shyam rangeela video.

The petrol supply will be stopped until the owner won’t takle any action against comedian Shyam rangeela.

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Petrol Pump Owner Conversation With Shyam

Shyam received a call from Petrol pump owner and said please remove the video otherwise they will take action against shyam rangeela.

Shyam in reply said – Before making this video he contacted the owner for permission to make the video and also tell them that where he will upload the video.

At that time you gave the permission. When he was making the video. Petrol pump employees also said to show the name of the petrol pump properly in the video.

Than What happened now?

He also said – He is ready to delete the portion where the petrol pump name is shown. But the petrol pump owner is not willing to stop their.

In the recent video he said – This video is just a comedy video and there is nothing in the video which is against any religion or any brand.

But still he is facing such action Why?

See the video –

Checkout my video on this topic –

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My Reaction to Shyam Rangeela

I have seen this video to understand what is the problem in the video. But i couldn’t find one. We are Indians and we have Right to Express and Right to Speech.

Petrol price hike in India is one of the biggest problem a common man of India is facing. Everyone in India has the Right to speak against it.

Just for speaking if we started taking action than every person in India will face what shyam rangeela is facing now.

This is a very stupid reason to take action against anyone. Please support guys like Shyam Rangeela these guys are trying to bring Indian problem in a sarcastic way to all of us.

This video has nothing which can hurt someone feelings.

 About Shyam Rangeela

Shyam rangeela is a comedian got fame from the famous TV show The Great Indian Laughter challenge.

Right now He is uploads his mimicry and comedy video on his Social media sites. Most of his videos are quite popular.

His famous act is always Mimicking our beloved PM voice. For More such high on drama update Visit and Bookmark our page in your browser.

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