Russian Streamer Died After Drinking 1.5 Litres Vodka in Live Stream | High on Drama Episode#13

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Police Found Russian Streamer Dead After Drinking 1.5 litres vodka during stream

A Disturbing news coming from russia about a 60 year old streamer who reportedly died after drinking 1.5 liters of Vodka During the Livestream.

After the Post Mortem Police confirmed this news about Yuri Dusheckin Death.

The name of the streamer was Yuri Dusheckin. His nickname was Grandpa in live stream. His body was found from Smolensk City on Thursday.

According to the police investigation Viewers donated this money to Yuri on stream to drink more vodka and do such kind of dangerous acts.

Police also find out that the stream was happened on someone else channel who has more than 25,000 subscribers on his channel. That youtuber also made such kind of videos like offering homeless to drink vodka or hot sauce on live stream.

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Thrash Streaming – Getting Popular among Russian Streamers

Thrash streaming is basically where viewers pays streamer to dangerous acts. It could be a violent act.

For Money russian streamers are also ready to do anything. They are ready to harm themselves or anyone else for donations.

Few days back such kind of stream killed a Girl in russia where her Russian Streamer boyfriend got donation to keep her girlfriend out in just undergarment in cold weather.

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He left his girlfriend in heavy cold weather in just undies. Which lead to his girlfriend death on live stream.

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Where Thrash Stream Happens?

Thrash streams happens on Twitch. But after stream the streamer upload the recording of stream on youtube for more views, followers and money.

Even after strict algorithms by Youtube or Twitch Such kind of streams are continuing to happen.

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Websites like youtube and twitch try to block such kind of streams for violation of guidelines.

But No. of Thrash streams  are continue to increase. Especially in Russian Streamers.

Russian Streamers are continuing to do such kind of stupid acts for money. Some people are like such stupid acts of Russian Streamers and following them.

Russian Authority Response

After this incident one of Russia Senator Condemned this issue and said that they are working with Russia Federation council the legislative body to make such streams illegal in Russia.


I think government of all the countries not only russia should make such kind of Streaming illegal and should take strict action against the streamers as well as the person who is donating to do streamer harmful act.

If we don’t take any action against it now. More people will get killed.

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