Rihanna Greta Thunberg & Mia Khalifa Got Brutally Trolled By Indians on Social Media | High on Drama Episode#8

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Rihanna Greta Thunberg & Mia Khalifa Got Trolled – Farmer Protest India

Yes, You heard it right. Rihanna, Greta and Mia Khalifa Got Brutally trolled by Indians after they spoke in support of Farmers Protest.

Recently because of farmers protest in the country worldwide media is presenting wrong image of India in front of everyone outside India.

(I am neither in favour of BJP nor the Farmers. I am just saying what’s happening outside india) because of which people started showing reaction about this protest.

Out of those reactions one reaction was Rihanna Tweet about this protest. After seeing her many other celebrities came in support and gave some reactions.

Few of them were Ex Porn star Mia Khalifa and Activist Greta Thunberg. These tweets started to going viral.

Singer Rihanna Got Trolled By Indians | High on Drama

It was just a reaction and nothing else. But When some right wing guys saw that this tweet is going viral they got angry(again saying i am neither right wing guy or left wing guy, i am just reporting).

One among those Right wing guys were some Right wing media channels (Not going to name them) started the campaign callled #Indiaagainstpropaganda.

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Till now almost everywhere on social media this hashtag is trending with more 6 lakh tweets on twitter. Many of these tweet were from right wing Trollers.

They started trolling brutally with the memes. Some of theme were really funny. Here are some examples of those memes –

Singer Rihanna Got Trolled By Indians | High on Drama Singer Rihanna Got Trolled By Indians | High on Drama Singer Rihanna Got Trolled By Indians | High on Drama

Singer Rihanna Got Trolled By Indians | High on Drama

Singer Rihanna Got Trolled By Indians | High on Drama

Singer Rihanna Got Trolled By Indians | High on Drama

One Side Right Wing Guys were trolling her. On the Other side Left wing guys were supporting them. They Thanked Rihanna For talking in favour of them.

Although one thing i forget and I just saw this tweet carefully now.

Rihanna didn’t showed any support to anyone. She just shared the news and asked Why we are not talking about this.

Maybe she wanted to know what’s happening. Please think logically before trolling anyone. Look at the tweet carefully again.

Singer Rihanna Got Trolled By Indians | High on Drama


Funny Right? I mean she didn’t favoured anyone and got trolled brutally for just sharing the news and asking about it. Lolz!!😂😂

One thing was wrong here is that some people are saying that Rihanna tweet was paid. So In response I would just say search Rihanna Net worth on Google.

You will get shocked. She is too big to do such kind of paid tweet to ruin her image.

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Guys, I am noone to say who is right or who is wrong in this matter. But Farmer Protest is our Internal matter. Please let us solve it.

Because we Indians didn’t shared or spread some news when capitol was happening in US. I know one day this problem will get solved.

For Indians, Guys, stop following some opportunist celebs (especially one lady). Because today they are saying fool to someone. In past they were tweeting this “Alexa play Diamond By Rihanna”.

There are big celebs also who are trying to trend the tweet #indiaagainstpropaganda and wants to say don’t interfere in the Internal matter of India. I would like to request Stop following them.

Because They were among the one who did fairness cream ad in past and later tweeted about Black lives matter. That was the Internal matter of US. These  celebs shouldn’t interfere at that time.

They are just Hypocrites and nothing. They will always be in favour of Majority. Right Now Majority is in Right wing They are in Right wing. Later If Majority will be in Left wing They will be in Left wing.

We should solve this problem with logic and Listen to both side reasons. Some Media channel will show you only one side for TRP and Money. Let’s not fall in those traps.

See the news which report news neutrally not one side news. For Every protest in every few months let’s not involve Pakistan or China in between.

Our Government in center is smart enough If they are not bringing Pakistan, China or Khalistan in between this issue than We also shouldn’t. I believe they will tackle this problem and bring some great solutions.

Some naughty elements are there in ruling party. Who are trying to spread hate but let’s not listen to them. Trust on our leaders, not the Naught elements. Our Modiji thinks logically that’s why he is the PM of India.

How To Know About Naughty Elements?

Guys, Finding Naughty Elements are very easy. See their Social media You will definitely see how Illogical they are. Their illogical talking and the way they are spreading hate against us Indians are the best way to notice Naughty Elements.

We should ignore them.

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