MrBeast Youtube Channel Donated $300,000 To People in Need | MrBeast Donations | High on Drama Episode#19

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MrBeast Donations

Mrbeast aka Jimmy Donaldson who is famous for his expensive donations is now doing another massive donation. Yes, you heard it Right!

A donation of $300,000. Today on Mrbeast Youtube channel He uploaded this –

In this video, he said – From 2021 if someone subscribed to the Mr Beast Youtube channel. For Every subscriber, Jimmy earns he will donate $0.10 to Charity.

Last months in January, 3 Million subscribers subscribed Mrbeast Youtube channel. So, It means He is going to giveaway $300,000 For Charity.

This video didn’t ended their He did the donation live on video.

MrBeast Donations

In this video, First he went to a restaurant that was apparently going out of business. He went in to that restaurant and donated $30,000 their and helped them to support their business.

After restaurant, he went to a residential apartment complex where he got to know that many people lost their job and because of that many people are not able to pay the rent.

For them Mrbeast donated about $30,000 to property manager jessica.

Right after this he went to a public school, where he donated the latest Sony Playstation 5 and one apple macbook to each student of one class worth $15,000 and also donated $10,000 to the teacher.

Than in went to some college student where Jimmy donaldson helped 2 students to pay their college debt worth $30,000.

Then he orders some food from MrBeast burger and gave $10,000 to the delivery girl. He also did some promotions of Mrbeast Burger.

Mrbeast donations | Mrbeast burger | Mr bease | Jimmy Donaldson |

After some food, He went on to a Sporting good store and purchased alot of clothes to donate to the salvation army charity. After this he gifted a Brand new camaro to an uber driver.

I don’t know how someone in need is going to use it because of low average and high maintenance cost. At night, again they went on for some food and donated $10,000 to drive through guys as a tip.

After some more donations to subscriber and a minecraft streamer for $20,000. Mrbeast donations didn’t ended here. after that he did the donation of $30,000 to a guy whose kid was suffering from Kidney related cancer.

At last, he donated $40,000 to St. Jude Children’s research hospital. This charity didn’t end here He will continue to do the charity every month of $0.10 per subscriber.

Here is my link to the youtube channel –

My Reaction

Guys, I don’t know if those donations are even real or not. But I know that Mrbeast is an inspiration for a lot. He has More than 53 million subscribers on the Official Mrbeast youtube channel.

and another channel has over 1 million subscribers on each channel. After Mrbeast’s youtube channel, his second-biggest channel is Mrbeast gaming which has over 14 million subscribers.

He has great reach. This great reach helps people to support the other people who are in need at this time of the pandemic.

Today after seeing jimmy’s video Dramaalert Keem also started the same campaign where he is also donating $0.10/subscriber every month.

If more and more people can come out to support each other. More the world will become better.

About High on Drama

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This was the new drama that is happening on social media about Jimmy Ronaldson aka Mr Beast. Where he helped people in Need.

Hope you have liked the drama. For More such drama Bookmark for more such updates.
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