Jake Paul Stole His Brother Thunder | Mayweather Vs Jake Paul Coming Soon High on Drama Episode#10

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Mayweather Vs Jake Paul May Happen Soon

Floyd Mayweather Recently Posted the picture of Him With the Jake Paul Captioned this –

Floyd Mayweather Vs Jake Paul Coming Soon | Theclicksandco.in

He said he has lots of Exhibition Match this year globally including with Logan Paul. But If his brother also in to the boxing than He will also fight with Jake Paul after Jake’s Next Match.

Do you know why we said Jake Paul Stole the thunder of Logan Paul.

The Reason is when we thought everything is over than from somewhere Jake Paul came in to this thing and Started Poking Mayweather with this video.

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Yup, you heard it Right. He is doing what Logan Paul is not Doing. He is promoting his fight. While logan is not doing anything and because of which fights are getting postponed.

We also heard that Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather may get cancelled because of lack of response from both side.

We are not saying as if this fight will get cancelled as if now because with the same above post. Mayweather also posted this right before jake paul poster –

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan paul May Get Cancelled | Theclicksandco.in

We want to say that like the way Jake Paul is poking Floyd Mayweather are generating lots of interest in people. People wants to see this fight to happen.

Same way If  logan paul start doing that People will also start taking interest on this fight also.

Let’s not bring logan here because we have already done a blog on him here is this link –

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Mayweather Responds to Poking

As soon as mayweather seen the video of Jake Paul poking him. Mayweather posted this in Response –

Floyd Mayweather Vs Jake Paul Coming Soon | Theclicksandco.in

I would just say Burnnnnn to Jake Paul. Its hilarious because its like mayweather said Don’t Teach your Dad how to F**k.

But the main thing about this post is the caption. Mayweather said Jake paul trying to act like a Afro American Guy by dressing like them and wearing jewellery like them.

This show how fake professional fighter Jake are.

We haven’t got a new reply from Jake Paul But I have to say…

This is How You generate Hype. This fight will keep on continue and we will keep you updated on this. So, Don’t forget to bookmark this page for more such dramas.

Btw, I am with Mayweather Side. In Which Side you are?

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