Keemstar Got Poked By Logan Paul Because of Roman Atwood Stalker Incident! High on Drama Episode#5

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Keemstar Got Poked By Logan Paul

This incident starts when a news came about how a stalker was harassing Roman atwood and Family. When this news came everyone start talking about it.

Logan Paul also talked about this sad incident with his friends on his podcast Impaulsive. Where he talked about why good people like Roman atwood are getting harassed by these stalkers.

Why not Sc*ms like keemstar are getting stalked by stalkers.

After hearing this Keemstar got mad very badly. So, today in his youtube channel dramaalert he showed how mad he is on logan paul.

He said logan paul is mad on him because Keem said Logan Paul vs Floyd mayweather has no hype left because of which the dates of this events are getting postponed.

He also started polls on his official keemstar twitter account regarding this.

He also tried to play a sympathy card bringing his family and kid in between and said If i am mad about something than I won’t say his fan to stalk his enemy.

He also brought H3h3 to this by saying – H3h3 and keem hate each other but they never forced each other fans to stalk someone.

So, this was the short incident which was quite High on Drama in the Youtube Platform.

What are your opinion about this petty Fight between Logan Paul and Keemstar. Share your views on Twitter.

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About Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather Fight

Recently because of Corona the fight Logan paul vs Mayweather got Postponed. Till now there is no update about this Fight Date.

But TMZ sports said that they are working to reschedule this fight soon.

Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather Dates of fight were supposed to be on February 20 as a Exhibition match. But Now there is no date.

We don’t even know about if it is going to happen or not.

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