Laptop Buying Guide – How to Buy Best Laptop in India?

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Best Laptop Buying Guide

Hey Guys, Now Finally 2021 has been started and In this Pandemic Time. Work From Home Become Quite Common.

If you are Looking For Best Laptop Buying Guide to Find the Best Laptop In India. Than We are going to Help you to Get the Best Laptop Of your Budget.

I will tell you about some points which you can consider while buying the best laptop for yourself in your Budget.

I will also tell you about some common mistakes that a Buyer do while Buying a laptop.

In Last I will give you my recommendations aboutĀ  some of the Best Laptops of their Budget. So please Read all details Carefully.

Laptop Buying Guide – Requirement

Guys First and the Foremost step before buying a Laptop is Knowing your requirement. What you want to do with the laptop.

I mean If you buy a High End Gaming Laptop just For some office work than you are doing Biggest mistake.

or If you are buying a 20000 laptop to do the Gaming in your laptop than this is also the common mistake among Buyers.

First What you have to do is Knowing your Requirement. What is the main purpose of buying a laptop?

You want to do the Gaming? You want the laptop for Basic Office Work? You want to do Graphic Designing?

What are you going to to do?

Example – Few months back, I wanted a another laptop for my staff in which we are going to do some office related work.

So for me Investing on a High End Laptop was not worth it. I needed the laptop in which we can do some basic blogging and Stock entries in Excel.

So, this was my requirement.

If you know your requirement than we move ahead to a next stop.

Laptop Buying Guide – Budget

When you done with the requirement. Next thing is set the budget. So that you don’t do overspending on a laptop.

But biggest mistake we buyers do while setting the budget is Over expectation.

Like example – We expect we will get high end core i7 Laptop in the price of core i5.

I am not saying you won’t get the i7 at the price of i5.

But Today because of scams i have seen in many places like chandni chowk and Karol bagh in India. Some sellers are selling 10-12 year old i7 laptop at just 20-25000 pricing.

and Buying from them is the biggest mistake that a buyer do. Because we should never see i5 or i7 in shop.

We should see how new the configuration is because more the new configuration in laptop More features and durable your laptop will be and Those sellers (selling 12-13 yrs old laptops) are just cheating you.

After setting the budget what you have to do we will read below.

Laptop Buying Guide – Research

This step will take you more towards your laptop. This will help you in finding the best laptop for yourself.

So the question arises which is How to do research and How to find the Best laptop for yourself.

The Laptop should be the Best Value for money in your budget. Whenever I require any gadget what i do is just Go to my Pc or Table Open the Browser and than in one tab i open Amazon and in second i open Flipkart.

The two Mega Giant and Two Best Online Store. Than in Filter section I select my Budget, Than select specs like What Processor i Want? or How much RAM i want or Other Specs.

This will shows all the filtered laptop listing of Amazon and Flipkart which consits of various brands. But here after seeing top brands People doesn’t want to see other brands Laptop.

Like Some people only want Apple or Some Want Dell or Some want HP. If we suggest them acer, Lenovo or Other Brand they will say They don’t make durable Laptop.

So, Guys I have used Apple Dell and Many other brands Laptops and other products in my life. But Trust me Durability depends upon your usage not in Brand like –

I had a Dell Laptop in the past which i bought in 2017. For the 1st year it was working fine But in Second Year because of my hard usage on Keyboard. Keyboard Keys Stopped working.

On the other hand before Dell I used to have a Toshiba Laptop. That Laptop i used For 3 years without any problem. After 3 years battery stopped working than I replaced and bought dell.

Funny thing was i used to exploit laptop that alot. I used to use that laptop as my TV i used to keep it turn on for 2-3 days continuously.

So Don’t Focus on Brands. focus on –

Which brand is giving you the best specs in your budget?

Which laptop is coming with better price?

When you select the laptop. Don’t Buy it now. Write down the Name of The Laptops you choosed and Go to Nearest Laptop Market or Dealers to see the Price in Offline Market.

If you live near a Computer Market Like Delhi’s Nehru Place than Trust me Guys You will get the best Deal on chosen laptop in offline market most probably.

But consider if their price is little higher than Don’t Worry try to bargain. Try to see if they are lowering the price or not?

Laptop Buying Guide – Wait

If they are not lowering down the price. Go to Home and see where you are getting best price in Online Marketplace. See on Amazon Flipkart and see on ther marketplaces like Paytmmall or Tata Cliq.

Sometime they give better offers than Amazon and Flipkart.

If you are getting better price on Online Marketplace than I would recommend to do some wait for sale Like Big Billion Days or Republic Days Sale.

Almost every month we see major Price Drop during Amazon and Flipkart sales.

During last sale I got approx 7000 Discount on my Avita Pura LaptopWith the help of Card Offer i got 1500 more discount plus i claimed gst credit so that 33000 Laptop With Offer and GST Credit I Got For Approx. 20000.

You can also Buy from Flipkart and Amazon During Sale From this Link.

So this is the small Laptop Buying Guide in which i told you about How i buy the laptop and What Mistakes we indians do while buying the laptop.

One thing which i didn’t mentioned in this laptop which i am telling now is that If some laptop you liked comes with the Specs you want but price i little Higher than your budget.

Than i would recommend you to wait to price to go down because of sale. If you really like the laptop than Buy it Because Laptop is an investment that will help you in achieving various goals.

You will definitely cover that gap of price of laptop and Your Budget in Future. Hope you like our Laptop Buying Guide.

Now Let’s see some of the best laptop of every Budget.

Laptop Buying Guide – The List of Best Laptops

  • Avita Pura Laptop – Link
  • Lenovo L340 Laptop – Link
  • HP 15s Laptop – Link
  • Lenovo Gaming 3 – Link
  • Avita Essential Laptop – Link
  • Mi Notebook 14 – Link
  • Asus Zenbook Pro – Link
  • Apple Macbook pro – LinkĀ 
  • HP Spectre x360 – Link
  • Asus TUF Gaming Laptop – Link

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