Dhruv Rathee Response to String Reveal Dhruv Rathee Exposed Video High on Drama Episode#18

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Dhruv Rathee String Reveals Drama

Guys, If you follow Dhruv Rathee then you must know that string reveals made a Dhruv Rathee Exposed video and tried to prove how Dhruv rathee manipulate the video.

And said same all things which a normal BJP followers will says like saying antinational, trying to attack BJP like that Which is quite common to say by Right Wing guys not only to Dhruv rathee but to all Left-wing guys.

I am not supporting Dhruv rathee neither i am against BJP  but this video has no proofs. String Reveals was just sharing his thoughts.

If Dhruv Rathee is a manipulator then show some proof like any proof which shows he is sold.

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Youtube Deletes String Reveals Dhruv Rathee Exposed Videos

Youtube deletes the String Reveals video about Dhruv rathee after finding multiple reports of Bullying and Harassing on that string video.

After finding out the video got deleted Srting reveals started again same thing on his tweeter calling leftist anti-national and started trolling dhruv rathee like a kid.

The biggest mistake that string is doing right now is that calling an Indian anti-national just because someone is not supporting the ruling party.

He is doing the same mistakes like a common ruling party follower do and talking senseless things in a very serious way.

I know Dhruv rathee is not some great guy. He tries to manipulate but whatever he says he bring facts. where else string is doing just senseless talks.

A BJP follower may like him but a neutral guy like me who like India to grow and doesn’t support congress or doesn’t like any Indian Political party will never be able to like him.

Show some proofs, some recordings, some footage against dhruv which proves he is getting paid to say against BJP by a Khalistan supporter or congress.

Instead of collecting some proofs, you are just doing senseless talks against left wings. You may never get support from a neutral guy like me without any proofs.

Trolling on Social Media

After the video get deleted by youtube. You are trolling Dhruv on twitter along with your fans. If your tweets get deleted again by Twitter for bullying and harassing.

Dhruv Rathee String Video | Dhruv Rathee Exposed | Theclicksandco.in

You will again start crying and start trending ban Twitter like #tags. Dude, stop doing that. Just ignore what happened in the past and continue your work.

Improve your work. I am not an anti-national just because I am pointing out string mistakes in this post. Instead of trolling on social media. Try to make your videos more convincing with the proofs.

Your presentation skills are great but your content doesn’t worthy enough to support you.

Dhruv Rathee Response

After seeing String Reveals dhruv rathee video. One of Dhruv Rathee supporters went to Dhruv and asked a response from Dhruv on this topic.

On replying, Dhruv said this –

Dhruv Rathee String Video | Dhruv Rathee Exposed | Theclicksandco.in

In replying Dhruv also said the same thing as a Left-wing guys says when someone from the right-wing accuses the left-wing.

And Blamed all on Conspiracy By BJP. I think If Dhruv is not wrong then he should make a video about this topic to get rid of trollers.

About High on Drama

Guys, We have started New series in which we post daily updates about your favorite creators Online on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, or any other Online Platform.

This was the new drama that is happening on social media between Dhruv Rathee and String Reveals. Where Right Wing Left Wing is continuing to do Trolling of each other.

I also pointed out some of the String Reveals mistakes in the video. If he is a genuine person. He will definitely understand what I want to say.

At last, Stop Trolling Each other guys, We should focus on How we can make India Great again. Instead of fighting each other.

See our history, When we were busy fighting with each other. Britishers came and captured us, Looted us. We shouldn’t do the same mistake again.

All Indians should be united irrespective of whoever they follow.

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