Flipkart Bigg Buzz Challenge Answers Today 6 December 2020

Deal Score+2
Deal Score+2

 Flipkart Bigg Buzz Challenge Answers Today | Bigg Buzz Challenge Answers

Hey Clicks Family, Hope you are loving the latest tech updates and Quiz answers from Flipkart and Amazon.

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Here is the Answer for Flipkart Bigg Buzz Challenge Today. Before I tell you the details like What is this Quiz name and What do you Get as Rewards after winning.

This is a new quiz Name is Flipkart Bigg Buzz Challenge. You just have to Answer the Questions of 5 Questions and win the prizes.

Flipkart Quiz | Flipkart Bigg Buzz Challenge Quiz 6 December Details

  • Quiz Name – Flipkart Bigg Buzz Challenge
  • Quiz Date – 6 December 2020
  • Quiz Prices – Flipkart Vouchers and Gems
  • Quiz Time – 12 Am to 11:59 PM

How to Play? Flipkart Bigg Buzz Challenge Answers Today

  1. Download the Flipkart App From This Link. (http://fkrt.it/SdYvofuuuN)
  2. Install and Open App.
  3. Visit Game Zone or Video Section at the bottom of Flipkart app.
  4. Click on Flipkart Bigg Buzz Challenge Quiz today banner.
  5. Answer all the Questions Correctly.
  6. See the Flipkart Bigg Buzz Challenge Answers today from below.
  7. Win the Prizes.


Flipkart Bigg Buzz Challenge Quiz | Terms and Conditions

  • This Contest is valid For Indian Customers only not For Resellers.
  • Flipkart reserves the right to Terminate this Flipkart Super Fan Quiz Without any prior notice.
  • Obscene, profanity, abusive, defamatory, harassing or in any manner violate applicable laws of India.
  • Indulgence into the anti-social/anti-national activity will lead to legal punishment as applicable in the Territory.
  • Participation is voluntary.
  • Prizes will be settled in Flipkart voucher and Gems. Not in Cash.


Flipkart Bigg Buzz Challenge Answers Today 6 December 2020

Episode 9

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Ques 1. –

Ans 1. – Coffee

Ques 2. –

Ans 2. – Anpad hai AAp

Ques 3. –

Ans 3. – Pavitra Punia

Ques 4. –

Ans 4. – Ali Gony

Ques 5. –

Ans 5. – Predict your own

Episode 7

Ques 1. – In ‘Ek Tha Raha Ek Thi Rani’ task how much money did Nicky ask from Rahul to destroy opponent team hearts?

Ans 1. – 20000 BB Currency

Ques 2. – What did Jaan say? ‘Tu Apna Kaam Kar Sabse Badi…….?

Ans 2. – Two Faced Hai

Ques 3. – Who according to Kavita is ‘Gunda’ of the house?

Ans 3. – Aly Goni

Ques 4. – Which contestant won ‘Miss Shimla’ Title in 2006?

Ans 4. – Ruvina 

Ques 5. – Who Will Get Evicted This Week ?

Ans 5. – Predict Your Own

Episode 6

Ques 1. – As which contestant’s special friend has ali entered the house?

Ans 1. – Jasmine Bhasin

Ques 2. – Jasmin said Ab fatega kal__?

Ans 2. – Bomb

Ques 3. – Which Contestant won the title Mr Punjab in 2009?

Ans 3. – Abhinav Shukla

Ques 4. – What did Abhinav make Rubina eat to break her Karwa Chauth Fast?

Ans 4. – Kheer

Ques 5. – which contestatnw ill get evicted this week?

Ans 5. – None of the above

Episode 5 

Ques 1. – Which contestant was told by Nikki to not kiss her?

Ans 1. – Jaan Kumar Sanu

Ques 2. – What did Eijaj say? Toh ab mai jaunga andar aur?

Ans 2. – Fatunga

Ques 3. – Who was the only contestant who did not vote for nishant?

Ans 3. – Naina Singh

Ques 4. – Which contestant’s real name is Neha Singh?

Ans 4. – Pavitra Poonia

Ques 5. – Who will get evicted this week?

Ans 5. – Shardul Pandit

Episode 4 Answers

Ques 1. – Who did Kavita save from the Nominations?

Ans 1. –  Eijaz Khan

Ques 2. – Rahul said Tu Red zone se chali gayi to mein?

Ans2. – Pagal Ho jaunga

Ques 3. – JHow many instruments does Jaan sanu can play?

Ans 3. – 35

Ques 4. – What did Jaan wanted from Nikki in the Garden Area?

Ans 4. – Kiss

Ques 5. – Who will get evicted this week?

Ans 5. – Naina Singh (You can Predict your own)

Episode 3 Answers 

Ques 1. – Who gave rahul a back massage?

Ans 1. – Nikki Tamboli

Ques 2. – What did rahul say in one of the episodes aise hi woh tera??

Ans 2. – ATM H

Ques 3. – What is nikki tambolis birth date?

Ans 3. – 21 August 1996

Ques 4. – What is the number of songs that kumar sanu has dedicated to his wife?

Ans 4. – 5

Ques 5. – Who will be evicted from house this week?

Ans 5. – Jaan

Episode 2 Answers

Ques1. – Who Amongst The Following Is Hot According To Eijaz?

Ans1. – Gauhar

Ques2. – Why Did Nikki Break-Up With Her Ex?

Ans2. – Bore Ho Gyi

Ques3. – Which Contestant’s Real Name Is ‘Jayesh Bhattacharya’?

Ans3. – Jaan Sanu

Ques 4. – In The Task ‘Mere Angane Me Tumhara Kya Kaam Ha’ What Did Gauhar Ask Rahul To Do?

Ans 4. – 10 Swimming Laps

Ques 5. – Which Contestant Will Be Evicted This Week?

Ans 5. –  Pavitra Punia (You can Predict your own)

Episode 1 Answers 

Ques1. – Which contestant was the first to cry?

Ans1. – Nikita tamboli

Ques2. – Agar mein kahu ki mein paidaishi hu?

Ans2. – Janwar hu

Ques3. – Which contestant rubbed haldi on siddarth hand?

Ans3. – Pavitra punia

Ques 4. – Which contestant claims to be a heart breaker?

Ans 4. – Nikita tamboli

Ques 5. – Which contestant will be evicted this week?

Ans 5. –  None of the above (You can predict your own)

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