Which Are the Best Laptop Under 50,000 in India For 2020? (Updated February 2020)

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Top 5 Best Laptop List

Friends when we talk about the 50k Budget than you should know In this budget There are 2 Kinds of Laptops which are sold in the current Indian market. First Off course The Normal Non-Gaming Professional Laptops & Second The Gaming Laptops.

If we see the 2-3-Year Past laptop market than at that time there were very few and rare Gaming Laptop Options were there in this budget. But Thanks to Our Online Game Streamers and Games Especially PUBG more and more people are leaning towards Gaming and Gaming Computers.

So, Because Most people in India belong from Middle Class or Lower than that. Because of that Most people were not able to afford a Gaming laptop and Higher Taxes were making laptops 20-30,000 more Expensive. which was making the situation worse.

But Thankfully, Because of Brands like Acer or Asus More and More Gaming Laptops started coming in India Under this Budget and Now The Situation is Almost Every brand has Gaming Laptop under 50,000 Budget.

This was a little brief about what was happening from the past 2 Years in Indian Laptops and Computer Market and How Market Changed at that time. Now, let’s Move to Our Main Topic which was Top 5 Best Laptop Under 50,000.

Here are the Top 5 Best Laptops.

We’ll start with the non Gaming laptop than we’ll Move to the Gaming Laptop and one more thing we will start from 5 and than slowly move to the one But Just because everyone’s requirements are different and usage are different that’s why you can put any laptop at any rank.

5. Acer Aspire 5S A515-54 10th Gen laptop (Click title to see the laptop)


Acer Aspire 5s Laptop was coming from almost 1 year but recently launched Acer aspire 5s Version new version would be a quite great option for you If you are a Student, a Script Writer, a Programmer or any person who doesn’t have the major requirement for the Graphic Card.

Let’s see What are its Pros and cons –


  • Latest Generation Processor
  • Current Lowest Laptop with Latest Intel core i5 10th Gen Processor(Best Configuration)
  • Fastest SSD Comes inbuilt
  • Lightweight 1.8 KG Design
  • 2 RAMS Slots (Upgradable up to 20 GB)
  •  Great Battery Life (Expect 5-6 Hours)


  • 1.    Configuration wise Price is High
  • No Graphic Card
  • Not Good For Gamers

4. Acer Aspire 5s i5 8th Gen A515-54G  (Click title to see the Deal)

Now you’ll say that when you’ve added the Acer aspire 5s laptop at number 5 then why at number 4 again. It’s because the last version and this version are not the same both are different models it comes with 1 Year Old Intel core i5 8th Gen Processor But with the Latest MX250 Graphic card and in the Last Laptop there was no Graphic Card. As compare to Last Acer Laptop you can do little bit of Gaming and Little Hard Usage in It. This Laptop is best for Professional use like Writing, Programming, a little bid of Video Editing, Little bit of Hard usage like Gaming.

Let’s See Its Pros & Cons


  • Best Laptop For Professional and Light Usage
  • Can Do Little Bit of Hard Usage
  • Latest Professional Laptop Graphic Card
  • Light Weight Design
  • Fastest SSD Inbuilt


  • Average in Gaming
  • Old Processor
  • TFT one of the Bad Display

So, These were the Professional Laptops But Now let’s see which are the Best Gaming Laptops of this Budget.

3. HP Pavilion 15-EC0062AX Gaming Laptop (Click the title to see the Deal)

I Really Don’t want to take this laptop but When I Used to be a Full-Time Youtuber Many of my audience want me to add Dell or Hp Laptops Because These are the 2 brands Laptop which considered to be as more durable Laptop Maker. So, for them, I Have added this. If I say like I don’t want to add this it doesn’t mean that its a bad laptop. Its a quite great laptop but there are more better options available in this budget which are better than this. Some of them I’ve added at 2 and 1 Position. Good For Gamers and Hard Core Users.

But Before that Let’s See Pros & Cons of this HP Laptop.


  • Current Latest Ryzen Processor
  • Unique Design and color scheme
  • 2 RAMS Slots
  • SSD+ HDD Combination
  • One of The Best Display
  • AAA Games in High Settings


  • 1050 Graphic Card Very Old
  • Price For The Configuration

2. Acer Nitro 5 Ryzen 2019 Laptop With SSD (Click the title to see the Deal)


Acer Nitro 5 Laptop is the Perfect and one of the Best Gaming Laptop present right now under 50,000 Budget because It comes along with one of the best configurations than any other gaming laptops of this Budget and gives the best value for money to its users because it has so many good things that many other laptops are missing. There are multiple versions present in  Acer Nitro 5 Laptop and the laptops described in this post. So Recommend checking the proper version and to buy from the link given in the “Buy now” button of every laptop present in this list

Let’s see its Pros and Cons


  • Latest Ryzen Processor
  • Best For Hard Core Usage
  • Less Heating compare to others
  • Faster Processing
  • Gaming in High to Very High Settings
  • Best Prices in Sale Time
  • Super Value For Money


  • Still Searching

4 Out of 5 Laptops, I’ve already told you But Before i tell you number 1 I would like to tell you that this Laptop comes under 50000 very Rarely Mostly During the Sale Time. But Whenever It comes It Become the Best Gaming laptop Under 50,000. SO, the Best laptop Under 50,000 Number 1 Laptop isss….

1 Asus TUF FX 505Dt Gaming Laptop(Click the title to see the Deal)

If you have ever followed me on my Youtube channel and seen the video about it then You Must Know that How Great Laptop is this Asus TUF Gaming Laptop is This Laptop was the Laptop about which I can clearly say that this is the Super Value For Money Gaming Laptop which is made to Get The Best Budget Gaming Performance. It comes with the Best configuration for this Budget and the best thing is that the configuration is also the Super latest.

Let’s see The Pros and Cons


  • Latest Ryzen Processor
  • Latest Nvidia 16 Series Graphic Card
  • Best Refresh rate in the Display (120 HTZ)
  • One of the Best Display
  • Best Pricing During Sale Time
  • Best Gaming Performance
  • Expect AAA Title Lag-free Gaming at Very High to Ultra Settings.
  • Upgrade and add SSD after Buying it.


  • 120 Htz is there but Is it Worth it? That’s Questionable
  • Little Bit of Heating Issue


Friends These were the Top 5 Best Laptop Under 50,000 in which I told you about the Pros and Cons of the Laptop. I know most of the Laptops are the same as seen in the Last 50k Best Laptop Video but there is Almost nothing changed from that time. Now, I would like to request you to please tell me about your favorite Laptop which Laptop would you like to recommend others and which you don’t recommend. If you think there are other laptops that could come in this List Than do Tell me about it through the comment section.

So, That’s about it. I’ll come with more blogs soon. But Before going I would like to visit here to see Latest laptop Deals, Offers and Coupons to get More Discounts on your Laptop Purchase. Thanks.

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